Helping You Grow & Flourish in Your Role

Get help dealing with the barriers that you often deal with as a minority when you become part of National Association of Minority Contractors (Northern CA Chapter). Our trade association is based in California and we offer exclusive contractor resources throughout the country.

Our Purpose

With the right education and relationships, anyone can develop new skills. Our organization was developed as a way to focus on a number of areas. Our purpose includes:

• To promote the general and individual welfare of minority builders, contractors, subcontractors, suppliers, and manufacturers of materials and equipment used in the construction industry
• To educate and train contractors interested in improving their social and economic well-being and that of their community in order to promote the civic and economic prosperity of the community through said education
• To promote a spirit of cooperation among the various minority and majority builders, contractors, and subcontractors
• To promote wide and prompt dissemination of information of value and interest to its members
• To ascertain the problems of its members relative to the building and construction trade and to do all things necessary to solve such problems for its members
• To do all things necessary to promote and maintain strategic relationships between its members and the various federal, state, county, and city departments or agencies in Northern California
• To correct trade abuse

Organization Goals

• Advocating for local, state, and federal issues that impact our businesses
• Providing technical support and training programs where needed to build capacity
• Developing strategic partnerships with local businesses, organizations, trade unions, and workforce development agencies
• Providing a voice for minority contractors
• Creating wealth in our communities
• Finding solutions and eliminating barriers for minority contractors and suppliers